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family in savannah.jpg (63827 bytes)
Back row:Henry, Chap, Jack, Henry sr.
Middle Row:Naneen, Mimi, Dale, Wyline
Front Row:Lee, Phillip, Alan, Robin, and Diane

Looks like it is in Savannah around 1952-3



sayler_groupshot.jpg (246939 bytes)

Back Row:Henry, Henry Sr., Jack, Phillip
Front Row:Wyline, Robin, Lee, Alan, Jessie, Diane, Dale




missy hank and children 1956.jpg (109474 bytes)

Mom, Dad and the four boys, 1957
Audio caption




Saylers Backyard 220 Rafael Blvd March 1986.jpg (195720 bytes)
Sayler Family in the backyard of 220 Rafael Blvd NE in St. Pete in March 1996. 
Back Row:  Van, Christopher, Nancy, Lee, Henry, Alan, Robin, Diane
Front Row:  Jennifer, Jane, Page, Wyline holding Elizabeth, Stephen, Lynn holding Chap and Mary.



DAD'SP~1.JPG (31843 bytes)
This is a picture of:
Agnes Sayler, Jane Wampler Sayler, Agnes Eby Wampler and Eby taken in 1900.  These are Henry Sayler's aunt, mother, grandmother and great grandmother respectively.


Janie_Jane_Page_Missy_Jennifer_Lynn_and_Christine.jpg (14318 bytes)
Janie, Jane, Page, Wyline, Jennifer, Lynn, and Christine






DADLEE~1.JPG (41647 bytes)
Henry, Alan, Lee, Robin, and Van, circa 1958





Sayler Family at Ocean Reef 1998.JPG (32557 bytes)Back Row:  Jane, Jennifer, Stephen, Janie, Christopher, Page, Charlies, Lynn, Chap, Bradley, Elizabeth, Diane, Aaron, Mary
Front Row:  Van, Lee, Wyline, Henry, Alan, Christine, Robin

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Lee Alan van and Robin at Ocean Reef in 1998.jpg (44553 bytes)

Lee, Alan, Van and Robin at Ocean Reef, Florida in 1998 (Chapman Foundation Meeting)