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Tybee Island.  This was a Dixon Family Home so these are old Dixons.  The long ago comment was written a long time ago so I am guessing early 1900s.


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Tybee Island


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Christmas 1917.
Front Row:  James, Jessie, Merrit, and Helen Dixon

Back Row:  James and Jessie Dixon


dixon_family_savannah.jpg (133065 bytes)
Back Row:  Jessie Dale Dixon and James M Dixon, Sr.
Front Row:  James M Dixon, Jr., somebody, Helen Dixon MacGregor, and others
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This is a picture of:
Agnes Sayler, Jane Wampler Sayler, Agnes Eby Wampler and Eby taken in 1900.  These are Henry Sayler's aunt, mother, grandmother and great grandmother respectively.



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Sarah Charles (Mema), George Charles, Philip Charles, Martena Charles and Roland Charles taken in 1913.