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Henry Sayler, Jr's Paternal Grandparents.  They lived in Huntington, Indiana where John was a lawyer.  John was born on June 12, 1866 in Huntington, Ind and died on June 25, 1934 in Huntington, Ind.  Jane (known as Jenny) was born on September 26, 1863 in Shiloh, Dayton, Ohio.  She died on February 20, 1948 in Huntington, Ind.  They were married on October 02, 1890 in Dayton, Ohio.

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John Milton Sayler

Jane (Jenny) Wampler Sayler


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This is a picture of:
Agnes Sayler, Jane Wampler Sayler, Agnes Eby Wampler and Eby

This following is the text of a note that appears to have come from Grandad to Dale Morgan.

"Your Great - Great Grandmother Eby, wife of Christian Eby, born Diane Murray at Hampstead, Caroll County, Maryland.  Born 1-9-1814 - died 1-28-1900 - came to Ohio I think after her marriage in 3-3-1836.

Your Great Grandmother Agnes Eby Wampler, born 12-1-1839 - married Samual Wampler 2/25/1858;  died 8-17-1915, lived at Locust Lawn, Wampler Rd, Shiloh now Philadelphia, Da or Pa.

Your Grandmother Jane Wampler Sayler - born at the above 9/26/1863;  married John Milton Sayler 10/2/1890;  died 6/25/34.  She died 2-20-48.

Your Aunt, Agnes Sayler, born 11/14/1891.  married to Jacob Mortimer Klein on 12-8-1917.  I don't remember the year Agnes died - in the sixties.  This picture of the four generations was taken around 1900 or 1900, not long after that great grandmother died.  But Agnes looks young so maybe it was before. 

I got this information out of the Eby history book.  I don't know if they are still available, but I could find out - around $3.00.

I only saw my great grandmother once, when three, so don't remember much."