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This page has links to pictures of the homes that we have lived in and the ones our parents have lived in over the last number of years.  See this new narrated slide show of the homes we used to live in


Year Location
1921 Augusta Arsenal, where Dad's parents lived when he was born.  There is some question as to whether it burned down shortly after he was born or if it is still around.
1921 Camp Meade, Md.  Dad lived in a very poor looking Tar Paper Shack.
1924 Tybee Island, this was a home on the beach
1939 to 1947 (mom) 1410 Wynton Road, Columbus, Ga
1955 to 1964 861 19th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida
1964 to 1965 22nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida
1965 to 1997 220 Rafael Blvd NE, St. Petersburg, Florida
1998 1221 Darlington Oaks Circle, St. Petersburg, Florida
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