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Savannah Press - Friday, April 1, 1904

Continuation of Obituary of Joseph J. Dale

Mr. Dale was elected county commissioner in 1894 and remained in office until 1903, when he resigned. Although he never entered politics, he was prominently identified with many important improvements in Chatham county. He inaugurated the good roads system and under his management and direction the county farm was brought up to a high standard, both as a reformatory and as a contributor of revenue to the county. He organized the plan of the Buckhalter swamp improvement, together with the canal, which has proven a valuable work. Mr. Dale was devoted to the interests of Chatham county and was thoroughly familiar with every detail of public work. He guarded the interests of the taxpayers and inaugurated reform in every department. Time and again he was importuned to lend the use of his name for local or state offices, but he always refused. He was thoroughly a domestic man and never happier than when he had all his children around him. Christmas times were bright scenes at his home on Jones Street. He never believed in clubs or societies, the Yacht Club being the only institution to which he loaned his membership. Several years ago he took charge of the construction of the Tybee Hotel. That was in 1890. He also looked after the remodeling of the Yacht Club when the pavillion and dancing hall were added.

Mr- Dale was a very decided man in every way. He had a strong personality and was very firm in his opinions. He never believed in life insurance or fire insurance. He owned many houses in Savannah, but carried his own insurance, as he always did that of his saw mills and other property.

Mr. Dale was a man of unimpeachable character. He was absolutely honest in the discharge of all his duties. His life has been a quiet one, but he was a man of fine heart and there many around him who will miss his cheerful nature and his practical aid, which he extended without ostentation.

The flag on the temporary city hall was at half mast today in his memory, as was that on the court house.

The directors of the Oglethorpe Savings and Trust Co. held a meeting this afternoon, at which time it is understood matters connected with Mr.Dale's death were discussed. At some future meeting of the company and of the directors of the National Bank of Savannah resolutions of regret upon the death of Mr.Dale will be passed.

It is understood that Mr. Dale has named the Oglethorpe Savings & Trust Co. as his executor. His estate is thought to be worth between $250,000 and $300,000, although gentlemen who have long been associated with him stated today that there was no accurate knowledge of his financial worth, as he was a man who kept his personal affairs very close to himself.

When the Savannah Press Publishing Co. was organized, Mr. Dale was one of the stockholders and was one of the members of the original Board of Directors.